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World Refrigeration Day theme announced

This year’s World Refrigeration Day marks 200 years since the birth of Lord Kelvin, the Belfast-born pioneer of thermodynamics. In honour of Lord Kelvin’s achievements, the theme of the event – which will take place on Wednesday, June 26 – is “temperature matters”.

By focusing on thermodynamics, the event will emphasise the importance of efficient temperature control in sustainable development, human comfort, and environmental protection amid growing energy demands and climate change.

Why temperature matters

The organisers of World Refrigeration Day say this year’s campaign will highlight the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump industry’s broader contributions. It will highlight the sector’s role in maintaining food and medicine supply chains, effective and sustainable heating, and creating healthier, comfortable environments with cleaner air.

According to the organisers, the theme showcases the industry’s technical expertise in providing cooled and heated environments, emphasising the significance of temperature control in daily life applications.

“This broad theme allows people worldwide to address local issues and target audiences,” says World Refrigeration Day founder Stephen Gill. “By focusing on a universal theme, World Refrigeration Day 2024 aims to foster global recognition and discussion about the sector’s wide-ranging impact.

“Temperature control is crucial not only for comfort and health, but also for preserving food, medicines, and industrial processes. Temperature can mean the difference between life and death; temperature matters – absolutely.”

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