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World Refrigeration Day to focus on HVAC&R careers

With about four months to go before World Refrigeration Day on June 26, organisers of the annual event have announced this year’s theme: “Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better World”.

The WRD 21 campaign will focus on careers in the HVAC&R industry.

“The goal of the campaign is to inspire students and young professionals – for both men and women – in all countries, encouraging them to meet the challenges faced in their communities,” say the event organisers.

As in previous years, the WRD Secretariat will partner with UNEP OzonAction to run the WRD 21 campaign.

According to the organisers, some 12 million people are employed worldwide in the refrigeration sector, while the total number of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat-pump systems in operation worldwide is around three billion.

“Those systems provide the conditions we require for health, comfort, worker productivity, manufacturing, and essential environments for food, pharmaceuticals, and digital data,” says the WRD 21 team. “Dedicated professionals design, build, maintain, and regulate them as well as educate a new generation of practitioners.

“Opportunities within the industry abound for young people with a wide range of career aspirations. Advanced cooling technologies need to be implemented in order to expand life required environmental conditions while meeting sustainability requirements of international climate and ozone protection accords. 

“A new generation of cooling champions – engineers, technicians, researchers, educators, policy experts and executives – are needed to create controlled environments modern life requires. The benefits of reaching into a wide diversity of communities for promising talent will be a high campaign priority.”

Last year’s theme, ColdChain4Life, addressed the importance of the cold chain sector and its vital contribution to food safety and security as well as public health and wellbeing. While the scale and means of marking the event was restricted by the pandemic, WRD 20 was celebrated in a variety of creative ways.

World Refrigeration Day is an international awareness campaign created to raise the profile of the HVAC&R sector by focusing attention on the significant role that the industry and its technology play in modern life and society.

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