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World Ventil8 Day

World Ventil8 Day is being held on Wednesday, November 8 to help raise awareness about the importance of ventilation as a crucial part of people’s health and wellbeing. It also aims to recognise and celebrate the ventilation and indoor air quality community.

Originally launched by a group of scientists, academics, engineering bodies and environmental activists, the campaign has now grown internationally and is supported by organisations around the world. Last year 21 organisations were involved in a variety of webinars, in-person talks, new research, and ventilation experiments on the day. In Australia, the event is supported by AIRAH.

The organisation encourages maximising ventilation across homes, buildings, schools and care facilities through either natural or mechanical ventilation.

World Ventil8 Day is spearheaded by leading healthy building champion Professor Cath Noakes OBE, Professor of Environmental Engineering for Buildings at the University of Leeds, and she believes good ventilation is part of creating a sustainable and low-carbon environment, by using technology well to balance air quality, energy use and comfort.

“It is critical to making buildings more resilient to health threats, including our regular battles with the transmission of colds and flu around crowded indoor spaces,” she says.

This year’s theme is “Breathe better, live better”.

Those interested can get involved in World Ventil8 Day by signing up here, or find out more by accessing the resource page. The website includes a range of free resources about the role of ventilation, and different methods that can be adapted depending on the age, design, location, and purpose of the building.

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