Legislation Updates

More time required for NCC 2022

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) is recommending that the publication date for the National Construction Code 2022 be pushed back from September to October.

Building Ministers are scheduled to meet in late August 2022 and still need to make some key decisions about NCC 2022. This includes the final analysis from the ABCB on proposed improvements to residential energy efficiency provisions, in particular the raising of minimum energy efficiency standards for new buildings and major renovations from 6 to 7 NatHERS stars.

“Recognising the tight timeframes associated with Building Ministers not meeting until late August, and the complexity of other issues currently affecting the construction sector, the ABCB will recommend to Building Ministers that the publication date for NCC 2022 be further delayed from September 1, 2022, to not earlier than October 1, 2022,” says the ABCB.

Building Ministers will also be provided with advice requested at the March 2022 meeting on transition timeframes for the residential energy efficiency and livable housing provisions.

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