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New regs for air-handling and water systems in WA

The Western Australian Department of Health (DOH) has prepared a second discussion paper to explore new regulations around air-handling and water systems.

In May 2019 the DOH released a discussion paper for public consultation to investigate the most effective option for managing the potential public health risks associated with air-handling and water distribution systems to prevent the spread of airborne diseases such as Legionnaires’ disease. There was strong support for the ongoing management of these systems by way of regulation under the Public Health Act, with building requirements to be addressed by the National Construction Code.

The new discussion paper is entitled “Air-handling and water systems of commercial buildings review – Part 2”. It explores the proposed legislative content for new regulations, across four topics:

  • Revised definitions and exemptions based on the risk of facilities or systems
  • Revised administrative requirements and application of regulations
  • Revised approval requirements and risk management plan requirements
  • Revised monitoring, investigation and decontamination requirements.

Consultation is occurring across WA and is open to everyone. The government is inviting input from individuals, as well as from groups of people or industries that may be affected by the proposed changes.

“You are encouraged to tell us your preferred options and help us to identify how these options may present impacts or opportunities for you and your business,” says the government.

“You also have the opportunity to identify alternative options that may not have been considered as a part of this review.”

Consultation is open until August 31, 2020.

To read through the discussion paper and submit feedback on the online survey page, click here.

Details of current and previous environmental health regulation review consultations can be viewed on the regulation review page. 

Any questions regarding the discussion papers should be directed to publichealthact@health.wa.gov.au

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