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New rules for AC with flammable refrigerant

As of July 1, 2020, new rules govern the sale of air conditioners with flammable refrigerants in New South Wales.

The rules apply to air conditioners with Class 2 and Class 3 refrigerants, for example hydrocarbons, but not Class 2L refrigerants, such as R32. Air conditioners with these refrigerants are now considered “declared articles” and must be approved and certified as compliant to use prior to sale, evidenced by a NSW Fair Trading Certificate of Approval, (or by an accredited recognised external approval scheme).

The certification process must demonstrate that the electrical article meets all relevant standards and any further requirements that may apply. This process includes the testing of these articles in accredited laboratories.

The units must also be marked with the NSW approval mark or an approved alternate mark.

According to the NSW government gazette, this covers electrical appliances that:

  • Are for household use
  • Incorporate motor compressors
  • Provide delivery of conditioned air to an enclosed space, room or zone
  • Include a refrigeration system for cooling, heating or dehumidifying the air, including hydronic room fan coil type systems
  • Are portable, transportable or fixed
  • Use refrigerant having a flammability classification of Class 2 or Class 3 but not Class 2L in accordance with ISO 817. For refrigerant blends that have more than one flammability classification, the most unfavourable classification is taken.

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