24ºC new AC default in India

The Indian government has announced that 24ºC will be the new default temperature for air conditioners (AC). This includes all air conditioners that are labelled under the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)-star program.

The default setting is the setting at which a machine comes from the factory.

Gadgets Now reports that very few people in India adjust their AC settings. Most let it run on the default setting.

This is the reasoning behind changing the default setting, although users are still able to change the settings as needed.

India’s Ministry of Power estimates that by increasing the temperature of a room by 1ºC, about 6 per cent of electricity is also saved. The standard room temperature is set to 20–21ºC, so this solution will save approximately 24 per cent of electricity.

Users will save a significant amount of energy and money under the new standard.

Air conditioner manufacturers were aware of the change, and all units being sold will now comply with the default setting.

There is no similar rule for default air conditioner settings in Australia.

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