A.G. Coombs releases advisory note about net zero for FMs

Integrated building services provider A. G. Coombs has issued another in its series of informative guidance communiques or advisory notes. Aimed at facility managers, the latest is an exploration of net zero buildings.

“The concept of ‘net zero’ is pivotal to any discussion regarding sustainability in the built environment,” the note says. “Despite its widespread use, there remains confusion about what exactly it means, what actions are required to get there, and what the practical implications are for building owners and facility managers.”

The advisory note is designed to provide clarity around the concept of net zero emissions as it relates to corporate net zero targets in the property sector.

The note explores the reasons behind Australia’s net zero aspirations, key drivers to setting a net zero target, and provides a detailed explanation of what constitutes net zero. Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions are discussed and explained.

Also discussed are the differences between various types of net zero targets, and the key elements within an organisation’s net zero target. Target boundaries, mitigation strategies and timeframes are fleshed out.

The advisory note also explains how an organisation can become certified net zero, and the implications of this for an organisation and facilities.

“At the time of writing, there is no uniformly accepted standard or framework for certification of net zero status, either in Australia or internationally,” according to the note. “However, there are certain frameworks that are broadly adopted.

“While adhering to such a framework or gaining certification for net zero target setting is not currently subject to Australian legislation, doing so provides a strong signal to the market that your organisation has a robust strategy in place that has been independently reviewed by a reputable third-party certifier, and may therefore be less susceptible to being perceived as a form of ‘greenwashing’.”

To read the note, click here.

Photo by Gustavo Quepón on Unsplash

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