AC and ventilation best practices for COVID-19 prevention

HMS Networks has released a white paper on the best practices or improvements that can be carried out via AC systems integrations to help prevent COVID-19.

Titled “Discover how 6 steps using air conditioning units can help to reduce COVID-19 infection!”, the paper aims to show what can be done with AC units to prevent the spread of viruses.

“One consequence of the COVID-19 outbreak is we now need to think about new ways of installing and using air conditioning (AC) systems, as well as the ways we will integrate them in the home or building control system,” says the paper.

“Today, with COVID-19 the most mentioned and important message is the need for “Clean Air” and the importance of ventilation.”

Recommending spending more time and money on ventilation as an element of air conditioning, the paper notes that it “may perhaps lose some of air conditioner’s efficiency or some of the energy savings that AC units have started to deliver over the last few years.

“This consequence is because our modern AC installations are not really designed to provide the required higher air flows to give good ventilation with the same time/ cost profile as required for energy saving. 

“Tomorrow, efficiency and energy savings will come again, as the air-conditioning technology adapts to focus more on delivering these new higher ventilations and air quality, so be ready for today’s adversities but start to prepare yourselves for the new challenges we are facing.”

The six steps are explained under the following headings:

  • Keep low fan speeds on the AC units
  • Keep filters cleaned
  • Heat recovery ventilation units
  • Open the window
  • Keep air direction flow from pointing directly at people
  • Integrate your air conditioning system and heat recovery ventilation units using gateways.

Click here to read the white paper in full.

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