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Advice on data classification and structure

Building services specialist A.G. Coombs has released an advisory note on classification and structure for building data.

“As the construction and property sectors continue to develop and embrace new technologies including digital twins, cognitive buildings, artificial intelligence and machine learning,” says A.G. Coombs, “there is a need to ensure that data systems are suitable to maximise the potential value and return on investment.”

According to A.G. Coombs, US studies have placed the cost of fragmented data and inadequate interoperability in excess of USD$15.8 billion AUD$24.877 million) per year.

“As the complexity of buildings and the capability of digital platforms increase, both the lost opportunity and cost caused by data inconsistency also increases,” says the company.

“Many available classification standards are inadequate, overly complex or functionally disjointed to effectively support detailed design, manufacture, construction, commissioning and operational management functionality of the systems that provide ventilation, air conditioning, energy, communications and light to buildings.”

The advisory note covers key considerations and issues around classification systems, as well as important aspects of managing services and data sets.

The advisory note is available at the A.G. Coombs website.

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