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Advice on flammables

Asercom, the European refrigeration and air conditioning components manufacturers group, has published a guide for the safe handling of components used in compression refrigeration circuits with flammable refrigerants.

“The component manufacturers organised in Asercom have noticed a high degree of uncertainty among refrigeration and air conditioning specialists when dealing with flammable refrigerants,” says Asercom president Wolfgang Zaremski. “We would like to counteract this uncertainty with this guideline. ”

The 20-page document is designed to provide engineers, manufacturers and installers of systems that are operated in non-hazardous areas with handling recommendations on both A3 and A2L refrigerants.

The guide covers valves, heat exchangers, compressors and other mechanical, electronic and electro-mechanical controls. It focuses on the main stationary applications: chillers, split and multi-split AC systems, rooftop units, self-contained commercial refrigeration appliances and remote commercial refrigeration systems.

To access the guide, click here.

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