AIRAH STG seeks data on renewable installations

AIRAH’s Renewable Heating and Cooling Special Technical Group (STG) has launched a survey to collect industry information on renewable installations across Australia.

The industry response will help the STG to develop and maintain a database of renewable heating and cooling system installations around the country. This will contribute to the STG’s current efforts to develop a “knowledge centre” to support renewable heating and cooling system users in Australia.

The survey results will allow the STG members to view technical information and details of installations in a given geographical region. This will help inform the Group’s understanding of best-practice installations.

Renewable energy can replace existing natural gas and electricity used for heating and cooling in the built environment and industrial sectors. The STG brings together various stakeholders to deliver a common outcome of increasing renewable energy use in the HVAC industry.

This STG will build on the work carried by the solar heating and cooling STG, and expand the scope to include other renewable heating and cooling technologies. Click here to read about the group’s previous work.

Click here to take part in the survey. A summary of the survey results will be shared in the public domain for knowledge dissemination purposes.

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