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Alfa Laval publishes white paper on sustainable refrigerants

Heat transfer specialist Alfa Laval has published a white paper offering guidance on selecting and accommodating refrigerants for diverse heating and cooling applications.

The document, titled Navigating a changing refrigerants market, was developed by the company as a response to customers seeking guidance when choosing from the growing range of new refrigerants generally, and natural refrigerants in particular.

“The shift in today’s refrigerant market is much more complicated from what we’ve seen in the past,” says Matteo Munari, Head of Application and Product Development for Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers at Alfa Laval, and one of the contributors to the new white paper. “There won’t be a one-to-one transition. In most cases, choosing the ‘right’ refrigerant replacement will depend largely on the application in question and where you operate.”

The white paper offers an introduction to the topic and provides an overview of the regulatory situations in different parts of the world. It reviews the different refrigerant options currently available, the most recent market trends, and closes with a look at the various types of new heat transfer innovations that have emerged for handling the needs of low-GWP refrigerants.

“Our goal was to make sure the reader understands what is required in their market and the key differences between synthetic options as well as natural refrigerants like propane, ammonia and CO2,” says Munari.

“Each refrigerant option offers different advantages and potential drawbacks. Readers of this white paper will hopefully walk away with a much better understanding of which solutions offer the best choice for their specific needs, and what types of heat exchanger technology will be needed to handle the challenges of those particular refrigerants.”

The white paper has been published in connection with the re-launch of Alfa Laval’s Heating and Cooling Hub, an online knowledge base with tools and resources for HVAC&R professionals.

For more information and to download the white paper, click here.

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