AMCA appoints Shackleton, farewells Mackrill

The Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association (AMCA) has appointed Adrian Shackleton as Executive Director of both AMCA Queensland and AMCA New South Wales.

Adrian joins the AMCA after five years with Services Trades College Australia, where he was General Manager and Company Secretary.

Starting his career as a plumber, Adrian has worked in the construction industry for more than 20 years. He has a Master of Engineering Science and brings experience that includes corporate governance, stakeholder engagement, training and development, project management and operations.

AMCA Queensland President Ashley Robinson says Adrian has the right mix of experience and industry knowledge needed to support members and guide the AMCA through the COVID-19 recovery.

“Adrian has an excellent reputation – as both a manager and someone who really understands the industry.

“We are delighted that he has chosen to join the AMCA, especially at such a critical time.”

Adrian’s appointment follows the retirement of Graham Mackrill after 19 years with the AMCA.

“While it’s exciting to welcome Adrian, it’s with some sadness that we say goodbye to Graham,” Robinson says.

“Typical of his generous and collaborative nature, Graham has assisted the board throughout the recruitment process and will support Adrian in his early weeks with a thorough handover.”

Having accepted the role of Executive Director of Queensland in 2001, Mackrill later added NSW to his portfolio; however, his influence extended across the country.

Throughout his time, Mackrill has represented the AMCA on various industry advisory boards and committees at both state and national level, and has been a constant presence at the AMCA National Council.

AMCA Australia Executive Director Sumit Oberoi says Mackrill always had the best interests of members and the industry at heart.

“Graham could be counted on for an honest opinion and was renowned for his thoughtful and measured approach.

“At a personal level, he has been a trusted mentor and friend. He is a huge loss for the AMCA, but we’re very excited to welcome Adrian and look forward to his fresh perspective.”

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