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ARBS funding up for grabs

The ARBS Education & Research Foundation is encouraging companies working in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industries to apply for education and training grants.

Research grants are available to look into solving practical problems. They can be used to support attendance at education and training courses, or the development of new ones. Research grants are also available for study into issues that have a practical outcome.

Education institutions as well as companies are eligible to apply for funding.

The ARBS Foundation was founded in 2014 to return profits from the ARBS Exhibition back to the industry in a way that supports productivity improvement.

ARBS Foundation is fully owned by ARBS Exhibitions.  It is governed by a group of trustees who are independent and have many years of experience in the industry.

So far grants in excess of $220,000 have been made. With the significant commitment given by ARBS Exhibitions, the Foundation is in a position to award annual grants totalling $300,000 to worthwhile projects approved by the trustees.

A wide variety of training and practical research grants have been approved already. These include:

  • Updating AIRAH’s DA19 – HVAC&R Maintenance manual and the production of a user guide to help facilities managers and building owners define a maintenance regime.
  • Training opportunities for refrigeration mechanic apprentices and their TAFE teachers to upgrade their skills in the field of advanced refrigeration.
  • Engineering students at university have been supported financially to take part in the Engineers Without Borders Design Summit Program. This program allows these engineering students to work with disadvantaged communities in Southeast Asia to design and implement practical engineering solutions to everyday problems.
  • Research into the use of the PV cells to drive domestic air conditioning systems.
  • Study to determine relative energy efficiency of different air conditioning systems.
  • Development of a virtual reality training module is used to teach aspects of commissioning and balancing air-conditioning systems.

All applicants for grants are required to make a level of financial contribution to the project themselves. The level of contribution does vary from project to project.

Grant application forms and guidelines for applications can be found at the ARBS Foundation website.

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