ARC activates fully online licence applications

The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) has now activated a completely online licence application process.

ARC chief executive officer Glenn Evans says the system has been built around improving convenience for applicants, enabling them to upload qualifications and photographs and then finalise payment by credit card online.

“The system puts control of an application or renewal in the hands of the applicant, and it has been designed for maximum convenience,” he says.

“For example, applicants can save their applications at any stage during the process and come back later if they need to round up information or files to complete it.

“This might include scanning their qualifications or photos for a Refrigerant Handling Licence (RHL) application, or confirming staff or equipment details for a Refrigerant Trading Authorisation (RTA) renewal.

“Whatever the type of application, no longer is it necessary to get certified copies of documents or photos, so there’s no more running around for that sort of thing.

“And once all the information has been suitably submitted, they can expect us to process the application within a few days.”

Evans says the underlying licensing requirements remain the same, ensuring individuals have the qualifications, equipment and staff required to work on air conditioning and refrigeration equipment using prescribed refrigerants.

Payments continue to be by credit card online, but there is also an analog option to pay by cheque or money order and make a hardcopy application by mail or in person.

Online applications can be made at the website, which includes full details of licence types and requirements.

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