ARC promotes fully licensed fridgies

The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) has released a video designed to educate consumers. The video explains the different licence types, and encourages consumers to find and use fully licensed air conditioning technicians.

Running as part of the ARC’s summer campaign, the video seeks to raise awareness that fully licensed (or Certificate III) technicians are qualified to handle the complete range of tasks related to air conditioners. These tasks include installation, servicing, diagnostics and repair. Technicians with a restricted (or Certificate II) licence, are only permitted to install air conditioners – and in fact only single-head split system air conditioners of less than 18kW.

Consumers who click on a link are taken to the ARC’s business search facility. Here they can enter their postcode and bring up a list of fully licensed technicians operating in their area.

Until now the ARC’s focus has been on simply raising general awareness of the licensing scheme that it administers. However, the new video shifts the focus to underscoring the differences between licence types. By doing this, the video also appears to respond to long-standing calls from the trade for a campaign aimed at consumers to explain the importance of hiring a Certificate III-qualified technician.

Watch the video>>

2 Replies to “ARC promotes fully licensed fridgies

  1. If you want to promote fully qualified people why give NECA a seat at the board to influence decisions around licensing. Giving electricians the ability to install splits has opened a window into repairs and now we compete with them for this work. Horse has bolted and will be hard to stop with NECA having their two bobs worth.

  2. I strongly disagree with Andrew, I have been an dual licensed A grade Electrician & Refrigeration Mechanic for over 40 years & my experience in both industries is that probably 80-90% of the time service faults on A/C or refrigeration are electrical & the average Referigeration Mechanic, in most cases is not capable of finding the fault nor qualified to repair it, while I try to take neither trades side, I have found that Electricians make better fridges than fridgies make sparkies, if that makes sense, I therefore advocate that the electrical industry should have at least one seat the board

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