Awards for low-GWP projects in developing countries

ASHRAE and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) have announced the project selections for the 2023 ASHRAE-UNEP OzonAction Lower-GWP Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Innovation Awards.

The annual international award program promotes innovative design, research and practice by recognising people who have developed or implemented innovative technological concepts applied in developing countries to promote lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants for HVAC&R.

The selection criteria included extent of need, innovative aspects in transforming conventional practices, and technical replicability to developing countries.

Judges also accounted for economic feasibility when possible, considering that growing acceptance of new technologies will favorably influence cost and availability.

“We are living at a watershed moment under the Montreal Protocol when developing countries must find long-term solutions to replace HCFC refrigerants while simultaneously minimising climate impacts,” says James S Curlin, Head of UNEP OzonAction and co-chair of the judging committee.

“It is vital to empower the research community to identify new approaches and alternative refrigerants that work for those countries. UNEP OzonAction is proud to join with ASHRAE to recognis these winners who are proposing approaches that address the ozone, climate and energy dimensions.”

Four projects were selected, all in the Commercial/Industrial Applications category:

  • R290 (propane) as an Alternative Refrigerant in Commercial Applications – Ecuador
  • Flammable Refrigerant Use in a Draft Beer Machine – Brazil
  • Ammonia Use in Multipurpose Cold Storage – India
  • Propane Chiller Use in a Convenience Store – Brazil.

The selected projects were announced at the 2023 ASHRAE Annual Conference in Tampa, Florida. Selected project teams will be recognised with the awarding of certificates at UNEP events held in the regions or countries of the projects.

For more details on the awarded projects, click here.

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