Condair shares advice on making buildings healthier

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a rethink on the risks posed by viral transmission in buildings. Fresh air, temperature, minimum relative humidity and even sunlight are gaining greater attention as factors that can control the spread of viruses.

Humidity specialist Condair has released a white paper entitled “Making buildings healthier” that provides an overview of these factors. It contains information on how building managers can protect occupant health with a holistic approach to controlling their indoor environments.

According to Condair, the aim of the white paper is to promote dialogue between facility managers, users and health and safety officers, enabling the right package of health protection measures to be considered.

It includes a checklist so readers can take stock of their building’s current situation, discover the extent to which their premises protects against the spread of infections, and identify where improvements could be made.

“The Condair Group is the world’s leading specialist on humidity control,” says Condair Group CEO Oliver Zimmermann. “For years we’ve collaborated with scientists and healthcare experts to understand and promote the importance of optimal humidity for health. Through this research we appreciate that humidity control is just one, but a decisive, weapon that can be used in the fight against respiratory infections.

“Upgrading our built environment to better protect human health from the current COVID-19 and future potential pandemics, whilst not sacrificing the important gains we have made in energy efficiency, is the single largest challenge the HVAC industry will face in our lifetime.

“To achieve this objective, we must act as a sector to educate, cooperate and implement practical solutions as rapidly as possible. This white paper presents a clear and concise overview of the steps building operators can and should be taking to enhance occupant health, using a holistic approach, rather than a one-size-fits-all, to indoor environmental management.”

The white paper is available for download here.

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