Cool Coalition

Cool Coalition pushes for efficient cooling

Partners of the Cool Coalition have announced a major push for efficient, climate-friendly cooling.

The Cool Coalition is a global initiative that aims to inspire ambition and accelerate the move to clean and efficient cooling.

It is made up of more than 80 partners, including partners from the private sector, government, cities, international organisations, finance, academia and civil society.

The cooling challenge has been referred to as a “blind spot” in climate action, which must increase at least fivefold to keep the global temperature rise this century to 1.5°C. By taking forward an unprecedented and coordinated surge of activity to make efficient, climate-friendly cooling accessible for all, the Cool Coalition is responding to the UN Secretary-General’s call for accelerated climate action.

The latest commitments were announced at the Climate Action Summit in New York. Some of the commitments included:

  • Twenty-six countries have said they will adopt comprehensive national cooling plans
  • Five countries have committed to integrate cooling in their Nationally Determined Contributions
  • A further 10 countries made a cooling-related pledge
  • The World Bank Group and the Green Climate Fund are integrating clean and efficient cooling across their lending/investment portfolios
  • The Children’s Investment Future Fund has pledged an additional US$20 million in funding for cooling.

Following the Summit, partners will focus on action at the national and local level, including turning 26 national cooling plans into action, scaling up finance, installing cool roofs across the globe and driving technology pilots.

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