Cundall releases A-Z sustainability glossary

Global multi-disciplinary engineering and sustainability consultancy Cundall has released a free glossary of decarbonisation and sustainability terms for people working in construction, property, design and finance.

The A to Z of NZC covers more than 130 commonly used technical terms, tools, scientific terminology, assessments and government regulations. As well as straightforward definitions, it also offers practical examples that demonstrate these terms in the context of the built environment.

Cundall Associate Madlen Jannaschk, Head of ESG Strategy (Asia-Pacific), says clarity is needed as sustainability becomes increasingly important to businesses.  

“We are seeing decarbonisation become a mainstream priority, and other matters such as social value creation increasingly part of the boardroom agenda,” Jannaschk says.

“This is a new language for business and for policy-makers. A glossary like this can help get everyone on the same page, support effective conversations that build consensus and assist in deciphering and testing sustainability claims.” 

Cundall says it aims to achieve net zero emissions on all its projects by 2030.

Image: Madlen Jannaschk courtesy of Cundall

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