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EIA and shecco publish Cooling Product List

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and natural refrigerants advocate shecco have teamed up to produce a consumer guide titled Pathway to Net-Zero: Cooling Product List.

The EIA says the guide is aimed at helping companies cut their collective carbon footprint by providing a selection of products across all major cooling sectors, with a focus on ultra-low global warming potential natural refrigerants (<5 GWP). It does not include products that use HFOs due to “concerns over environmental impacts relating to by-product emissions from certain HFOs and accessibility and illegal trade issues arising from the higher costs of HFOs”.

The guide covers domestic, commercial, industrial and mobile air conditioning; domestic, industrial, commercial and transport refrigeration; and domestic, commercial and industrial heat pumps. It also contains advice on improving energy efficiency and reducing reliance on cooling, as well as recommendations for policy-makers, manufacturers, and end-users.

“We know that a lot of companies are increasingly aware of the importance of doing their bit in the fight against climate change,” says EIA Senior Climate Campaigner, Fionnuala Walravens. “With this guide, we’ve sought to take some of the slog out of looking for alternatives so they can find a lot of the information and options they need in one place.”

The guide has received praise from Nigel Topping, UK High Level Climate Champion for the COP26 international climate meeting in Glasgow later this year.

“The development and expansion of net-zero cooling is a critical part of our Race to Zero emissions,” says Topping.

“In addition to technological breakthroughs and ambitious legislation, we also need sustainable consumer purchasing to help deliver wholesale systems change, and as such I welcome the EIA cooling products guide as an important contribution to accelerating the race.”

To read the guide and access the accompanying website, click here.

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