EIA launches “What the F” campaign

The Environmental Investigation Authority (EIA) has launched a new campaign to educate consumers about the impact of fluorinated gases on the environment.

“EIA’s Climate campaign has long advocated tackling the ‘low-hanging fruit’ of climate-warming emissions, specifically the phasing out or down of fluorinated gases, or F-gases,” says the EIA.

“These are a range of greenhouse gases widely used in refrigeration and air conditioning, most notably hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

“As global temperatures rise alongside income levels in the developing world, the demand for air conditioners is set to explode.

“To ensure this demand can be met without devastating climate impacts, it is vital that cooling systems are as sustainable as possible – especially when the technology to do so already exists.”

To spread awareness of the impacts of HFCs and encourage the transition to alternative refrigerants, the EIA Climate Team has produced a series of short videos on the issue.

To view the videos, click here.

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