EnergyTech Hub to accelerate energy transition

Energy businesses will be given a helping hand to enter the Australian clean energy market following the launch of the EnergyTech Hub, a new scale program powered by the international startup business accelerator Startupbootcamp.

The EnergyTech Hub is designed to accelerate Australia’s energy transition. Its intention is to ensure some of the best new global commercial solutions will work with Australia’s energy industry to test new business models and IP in Australia via a structured six-month digital scale program.

“As we enter the Climate Decade, collaboration between industry, scaleups, government, and investors is more important than ever to help accelerate the transition to a lower carbon future and meet the challenges and opportunities faced by the Australian energy market,” says the EnergyTech Hub.

“The launch of the EnergyTech Hub was designed to help scaleups from around the world enter the Australian market and test, implement, and scale innovative solutions that will help Australia transition to a cleaner energy future quicker.

“It aims to foster deeper business connections and industry collaboration, encouraging its members to come together and tackle challenges and unlock new opportunities in the energy sector.”

During the five-month virtual program, scaleups will have tailored sessions, deep dives, and showcases, as well as direct exposure to the EnergyTech Hub’s members – industry experts, investors, and government networks – to help enter the market and scope out and execute potential projects.

Given the significant energy use of HVAC&R systems, the scaleups joining the EnergyTech Hub 2020 include some strong links with heating and cooling, as well as other areas:

  • Agara‘s AI-powered Autonomous Conversation Engines create more fluid and frictionless conversations with customers.
  • Enact Systems offers a digital platform for providers and OEMs to develop solar and energy storage projects and manage distributed energy assets
  • ExactSpace uses deep-domain AI technology to improve reliability of energy systems by helping critical assets across the energy value chain, including renewables, achieve zero unplanned failures.
  • Greenovative uncovers Energy Intelligence through data and technology, helping customers consume less energy, improve system utilisation, increase reliability, and generate insights to help optimise resources and achieve sustainability.
  • GridCure provides out-of-the-box deployable analytics on equipment health for electrical utilities to reduce operational expenses related to maintenance work, and outages.
  • LiveEO provides a full-stack vegetation management solution for utility operators.
  • Maximl is building a low-code platform for the industrial workforce, helping industries digitally transform their “last mile” operations, and generate insights related to human work to drive productivity, quality and safety.
  • Peak Power aims to unlock revenue streams for building owners, project developers, and utilities by optimising the operations of buildings, energy resources, and electric vehicles in concert with electricity markets.
  • REConnect Energy provides a smart infrastructure management platform powered by AI, IoT and automation.

The EnergyTech Hub is open to stakeholders from across the energy industry and beyond. For more information on how to get involved as a member, visit the website or contact Program Director Abdur-Raheem Bulbuliya.

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