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Engineers Australia and Energy Networks Australia ink pact

Engineers Australia and Energy Networks Australia have signed a partnership to work closely together, with the aim of building the competency and recognition of engineers within the Australian energy sector, while addressing shared challenges.

The pact will see the organisations work together across three key areas: advocacy, competency development and recognition, and workforce credentialling.

“Addressing the skills shortage within Australia’s energy sector is central to achieving net zero emissions by 2050,” says Engineers Australia CEO Romilly Madew AO. “The transition to clean energy not only represents a significant shift in how we generate and consume energy but also necessitates a substantial expansion and enhancement of the workforce capable of driving this change. Our partnership with Energy Networks Australia is an important step towards meeting our engineering skills need.”

By combining advocacy efforts, the two organisations aim to address challenges, amplify their influence, and bolster advocacy efforts.

In terms of competency development and recognition, the organisations will work together on programs to support the skill development and ongoing professional growth of engineers in the sector. Engineers Australia is launching a new Chartered Area of Practice, which will recognise the specific skills of engineers in the energy industry.

Energy Networks Australia CEO Dominique van den Berg says the partnership will help ensure that the right skills are available, where they will be needed and at the scale required.

“To meet net zero, we need the right workforce,” van den Berg says. “From powering homes and industry to steering us through the energy transition, engineers are the bedrock of our energy system. The energy transition is now well under way, and we must make collaboration a priority.”

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