Final report from ASHRAE Global HVAC&R Summit released

The final report from the ASHRAE Global HVAC&R Summit held in Istanbul, Turkey last October has been released by the US-based engineering association.

“The Summit was designed to create an environment of collaboration and strategic dialogue to address the critical issues of the day, which were determined via the results of an international survey developed and distributed by the ASHRAE Associate Society Alliance (AASA),” says ASHRAE President Farooq Mehboob. “Our goal was to develop a plan that we all can endorse, thereby making our planet a better place for all.”

The report details the selection of the Summit speakers and delegates. It also includes action plans for the major issues determined for each of the six critical issues of the day:

  • Decarbonisation
  • IEQ/wellness
  • Climate crisis mitigation
  • Food security – the cold chain
  • Energy security
  • Workforce development.

“The diverse assembly of HVAC&R leaders at the Summit created a consensus-based environment,” Mehboob says, “allowing us to talk with one voice in a forward-thinking manner, and the result is this dynamic report.”

With every ASHRAE president promoting a theme during their stewardship, Mehboob has embraced “Securing our future” as his.

“The future does not belong to those who sit and watch,” he says. “A meaningful and powerful future will not come to us. We must collectively seek it, create it, secure it.”

The report is available through the ASHRAE website.

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