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A.G. Coombs issues advisory note

After a very dry start to the year across much of mainland southeastern Australia, A.G. Coombs has issued an advisory note: Managing Resilient Buildings – Preparing for Dust Storms.

“It is important particularly during the drier months in Australia to plan for extreme weather events such as dust storms,” the company says.

“In September 2009 a dust storm swept across New South Wales and Queensland. The dust plume measured more than 1,000 x 500km in area and affected Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. Prior to this event significant dust storms occurred in the eastern states in February 2005 and October 2002.

“Such storms can have a significant effect on building assets and their occupants. It is recommended that a Dust Storm Management Plan be prepared and activated to mitigate and manage this risk. This should be tailored to each building it covers.”

The note covers factors to consider prior to, during and after a dust storm, with a particular focus on HVAC&R systems.


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