Cape Paterson

AIRAH on Air visits Cape Paterson

In the latest episode of the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating’s official podcast, AIRAH on Air, listeners can take a trip down to Cape Paterson.

Located about two hours southeast of Melbourne, The Cape is a modern housing development leading the future of sustainable living.

The new project looks to provide its residents with a high quality of life while reducing environmental impact. It offers 230 lots, with 10 pre-approved home designs to choose from or adapt.

“Our vision is to create a benchmark for sustainable living in a location unlike any other,” says Brendan Condon, project director. “[It] brings together the expertise of local builders and sustainability experts to create a modern community that is one with the environment.”

The episode is an adaptation of the February Ecolibrium cover story by Sean McGowan. In it, AIRAH on Air host Mark Spencer speaks to Clint Hare, The Cape’s general manager, about the build and the eco-conscious community it’s encouraging.

“It’s about demonstrating that it’s replicable,” says Hare. “We’ve been working and talking with different developers and government bodies about helping them bring portions or their full next developments up to a similar standard.”

The initiatives extend to clean energy capacities, energy-efficient homes (including Victoria’s first 10 star NatHERS home, built to zero waste and carbon positive, by The Sociable Weaver), rainwater storage and designing outdoor spaces to encourage active lifestyles.

Interestingly, the 10 star NatHERS home does not use an HVAC system. It relies instead on passive house design principles, including phase-change materials.

“The Cape presents a future for how we could all live, work, commute and shape the world,” says Spencer, who also hosts the Climactic podcast. “Sustainability in housing is a growing topic of concern and awareness. We’re seeing record-breaking heatwaves in Australia and that’s not changing any time soon, so comfort in the home, while reducing bills, is of great interest to everyone.”

Listen to episode four of AIRAH on Air here or stream it below.

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