Heads-up on heating from Standards Australia

As winter approaches and people start heating homes and other buildings, Standards Australia has sent out a message to raise awareness about safety and energy efficiency.

Standards Australia notes that standards set out requirements for the safe design, use and energy consumption of heaters and similar electrical appliances heavily used in winter.

It also points out that by making use of energy-efficient products and decreasing temperatures by 1°C, households can save on electricity bills, which tend to rise in the colder months.

“COVID-19 for the majority of Australians meant remaining indoors,” says Standards Australia’s Head of Stakeholder Engagement Daniel Chidgey. “And now that the winter months are here, that will likely not change as people choose to stay indoors and enjoy the warmth and comfort of their home.

“It’s important Australian households making use of heaters to stay cosy can feel confident in the safety of their appliances.

“The cooler months see a 10 per cent increase in the number of house fires, with many of these caused by heaters and electric blankets. Standards aim to build confidence and assist in the safety and integrity of heating systems.”

AIRAH has echoed these statements. It notes that minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) can help consumers make choices about the type of product they want to purchase by the amount of energy it consumes.

“Energy consumption and efficiency is front of mind for plenty of individuals, and statistics show households can save 10 per cent for each degree they decrease their air conditioners,” says AIRAH CEO Tony Gleeson, M.AIRAH.

“Minimum energy performance standards are an important tool in assisting consumers make choices about the product they want to install or use in their home.”

Says Chidgey: “Temperatures may be cooling, but the work we do in developing guidance to support consumer energy needs certainly is not.

“We are continuing to work alongside industry, regulators and government to develop standards to support the effective management of energy, and producing guidance with an aim of protecting Australian consumers.”

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