How will you celebrate World Refrigeration Day?

World Refrigeration Day, celebrated on June 26, is an international awareness campaign established to raise the profile of HVAC&R. It focuses attention on the significant role that the industry and its technology play in modern life and society.

It also draws attention to engineering and science that is all around us every day. As the official World Refrigeration Day website notes:

“Refrigeration is at the very heart of modern life. It enables people to live, travel and work comfortably. It saves lives. It enables people to achieve.”

This year, due to ongoing COVID restrictions, HVAC&R organisations and businesses have focused on virtual events and activities, including a range of webinars taking place around the world. Times are shown in AEST. Although some of the times are not very friendly for listeners in Australia, most provide a recording later, so it is worth registering for sessions of interest.

  • June 22 (recorded) | Student engagement webinar | English | Organised by AIRAH | Link
  • June 25, 9pm | High Temp Heat Pumps: Decarbonizing Industry | English| Organised by the IIR | Register
  • June 25, 9pm | Cool Careers for a Better Future | Italian | Organised by AiCARR with the IIR | Register
  • June 25, 11pm | The Importance of the Cold Chain | Spanish/Portuguese | Organised by FAIAR in cooperation with ATECYR, CACAAV, EFRIARC | Register
  • June 25, midnight | Life-Saving COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Cold-Chain Careers | English | Organised by ASHRAE | Register
  • June 26, midday | The Introduction to the Grand winner (Tsinghua University and Green) of Global Cooling Prize 2021 | Chinese | Organised by CAR | Register
  • June 26, 9.30pm | Cold Chain Overview – Current and Future | English | Organised by ISHRAE | Register
  • June 27, 1am | Cold Chain Challenges in Africa | French/English | Organised by U-3ARC |Register
  • June 28, 9.30pm | Future of Refrigerants | English | Organised by ISHRAE | Register
  • June 28, 10pm | Discovering Career Opportunities in Refrigerant Management | English | Organised by UNEP OzonAction | Register
  • June 29, 5pm | Present and Future: Data Centre Cooling in China | Chinese | Organised by CAR | Register
  • June 29, 9.30pm | District Cooling | English | Organised by ISHRAE | Register

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