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IIR partners with World Bank to set up Bangladesh cold chain

In partnership with British and Bangladeshi universities, the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) has inked a pact with the World Bank to develop a sustainable cold chain in Bangladesh. 

Named “Technical Assistance on Clean and Energy-Efficient cooling solutions for Livestock Supply Chain,” the project will provide the analytical underpinning to inform the Livestock and Dairy Development Project (LDDP) in Bangladesh.

“This work will assess the cooling needs in the meat and dairy value chains, and provide advice on technically and financially feasible cooling solutions that would help promote the adoption of efficient and more climate-friendly cold chains,” the IIR says. “It will also contribute to the development of an enabling environment for the uptake of sustainable cold-chain solutions.”

The project is designed to inform participants in the livestock sector (poultry, large ruminant meat, small ruminant meat, and dairy) in Bangladesh. The aim is to foster clean and efficient cooling systems as part of the investments supported by the LDDP. This involves:

  • Undertaking a comprehensive diagnosis of the needs for cold chain systems or elements across the livestock value chains  
  • Identifying climate-friendly solutions  
  • Assessing and designing options to help remove barriers to cold chain development in Bangladesh, including limited access to energy in rural areas, poor and congested transport infrastructure, and lack of incentives for private sector investment. 

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