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Indoor Air Quality magazine launches

The Building Environmental Wellness Group has published its first edition of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Magazine.

Ivi Sims, AM.AIRAH, and Dr Melissa Marot are the co-founders behind the quarterly digital magazine. It focuses on all aspects of indoor air quality, including:

  • Restoration 
  • Indoor air quality, building and occupants
  • Building physics
  • HVAC
  • Innovation in technology in these industries.

Sims says she and Marot are both passionate about indoor air quality and indoor environments and its effect on occupant’s health, wellbeing and productivity.

“A couple of years ago we started conversations with collaborators and IAQ/IEQ professionals internationally, and we agreed that there was a gap in the industry to provide evidence-based, and experience-based information specifically focused on indoor air quality to consumers, IAQ professionals and building facility managers across industries and sectors,” she says.

“We decided Australia needed a local magazine focusing on local contributors and experts, but we still work in collaboration with international partners to bring in the latest information and technology.”

Marot and Sims hope the magazine will help people understand more about indoor air, how important it is, and the ways to make it better.

The magazine is a not-for-profit undertaking that’s driven by volunteers. They chose to publish on an online platform to reach the widest audience possible. Sims says that as the magazine grows, they hope to include interviews, latest news blogs and more.

Alongside Sims and Marot, the first edition features editors Dr Claire Bird, Affil.AIRAH, Christine Boak and Phill McGurk, with additional contributions from Bryant Jensen and Chin Pin Foo.

The next edition is being released in July, and Sims encourages people to spread the word and for potential advertisers to email if they would like to be involved.

The current issue is available to read here.

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