IOR joins Cool Coalition

The Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) has joined the Cool Coalition – a UNEP-led initiative that supports the UN sustainable development goals and Paris Agreement through action on cooling.

The move will see the IOR working with other organisations such as the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) and the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) to develop strategies and technical solutions that reduce carbon emissions. The Cool Coalition represents 23 countries and 47 international and civil society organisations, as well as businesses and universities.

The IOR’s work as part of its membership of the Coalition will be focused through its Beyond Refrigeration initiative. This identified seven critical areas and is preparing a template that provides a step-by-step approach to help end-users review where they are now and what they need to do to start making changes that will lead them towards net zero aspirations. The IOR says that this template should also provide a useful tool for discussions of manufacturers or suppliers with their customers, for the development of technical guidance by the IOR and for policy-makers to help support the HVAC&R industry.

One of the first actions of the Beyond Refrigeration initiative was the IOR Annual Conference “Steps towards net zero” which took place on April 21–22. As well as keynote presentations that put the topic into context, the event featured case studies and short courses to share what has been achieved so far in some of the critical areas and help work through some of the skills issues. Access to the session recordings, including the topic-based debates, is available here.

The IOR says it will continue to refine the Beyond Refrigeration template in the coming months, and will look to engage with other businesses and individuals to further explore the tools and guidance end-users will require to make progress in each of the seven areas.

Workshops will take place on May 19. To register, click here.

It is planned that the final template will be launched in June this year and be available for the COP meetings in the autumn.

“The Institute of Refrigeration brings together a huge number of technical experts, with the high-level knowledge and practical experience that will enable us to progressively address the global challenge of achieving net zero heating and cooling,” says IOR President Mike Creamer.

“We are committed to supporting all of those involved, including end-users, designers, consultants and the suppliers of heating and cooling technologies, to attain the best efficiency from existing equipment and simultaneously, achieving innovation through the application of new technologies. We are also developing guidance for the adoption of low carbon business management practices. Our alliance with the Cool Coalition and applying our “Beyond Refrigeration – Journey to Net Zero” template is a great step forward on our journey toward net zero.”

To read more about the Beyond Refrigeration template, click here.

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