Mitsubishi Electric CEO steps down due to improper testing

In a press conference on July 2, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation President and CEO Takeshi Sugiyama announced his intention to step down from his role. The announcement came in response to the findings from an internal investigation that revealed evidence of a long history of improper testing of railway air conditioning equipment and air compressors manufactured at Nagasaki Works in Japan.

Mitsubishi Electric has confirmed that the safety of the products had not been compromised, and that it will conduct an investigation to be led by an external lawyer. The investigation is expected to report in September.

The company has noted that the improper testing is limited to railway air conditioning equipment and air compressors and does not involve any factories that manufacture residential and commercial air conditioning products.

Although Mitsubishi Electric is involved in the the New Intercity Fleet train project in New South Wales, the contract does not include Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning equipment or air compressors. According to a media release from 2016, when the NSW government awarded the contract, the scope of work covers the railway systems, such as variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) inverters, traction motors and train monitoring systems.

“Mitsubishi Electric Australia assures all customers of our unwavering commitment to the quality of our products and services,” says the company.

Image courtesy of Transport for NSW.

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