NABERS expands to warehouses and cold stores

NABERS has confirmed that its energy rating tool for warehouses and cold stores will launch in September 2022.

The new tool represents a step forward for this sector being able to manage and gain recognition for environmental performance and progress towards net zero emissions. According to NABERS, there has been a lot of buzz around the launch of the tool, not just from the sector but also NABERS assessors keen to expand their accreditation. A training session for assessors and trainee assessors, scheduled for August 9, has already seen around 70 enrolments.

As part of the development of the new tool, NABERS consulted with providers, peak bodies, and experienced consultants across warehouses and cold stores sector. Data was gathered from more than 150 facilities to develop the star ratings. NABERS is also conducting pilot ratings for 17 pilot sites in diverse climate zones to test the benchmark.

“We’re incredibly excited to be launching NABERS in warehouses and cold stores,” says NABERS Director Carlos Flores, M.AIRAH. “We have been working with leading organisations in these sectors for over a year now, and we have been blown away by their passion and enthusiasm. These leaders are eagerly looking for ways to minimise their impact on the environment, as well as reducing their operational energy costs.

“We at NABERS feel incredibly fortunate to be working with organisations that play a key role in supporting the supply chain economy. We look forward to working closely with them as they continue to ramp up their leadership on climate change and the environment.”

NABERS says the tool is not only a step forward for the building management teams, but also for owners and tenants to demonstrate leadership in sustainability. It enables facilities to identify areas for cost savings and building improvements and work towards making their facilities more energy efficient. It also gives them an opportunity to establish a baseline to build their sustainability strategy and take actions.

The move into warehouses and cold stores is one of a number of expansion projects NABERS is undertaking. The next sector for NABERS expansion is retail stores and schools expected to launch in 2023.

NABERS is calling for stakeholders to get involved in the development phase of this tool. Interested parties can participate through data collection, and experts are invited to take a place on the advisory panel and have a say in developing the new tools.

“We are thrilled to invite schools and retail stakeholders, facility managers or sustainability leads for the respective sectors to be a part of this sustainability initiative,” says NABERS.

To participate, contact Suruchi Pathak (Expansion Lead) on (02) 8275 1542 or email

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