CAETS Communication Prizes

National search for engineering and technology champions

The International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS) has established two annual communications prizes to find compelling technological and engineering innovations.

The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) is a founding member of CAETS, and is searching for technological scientists and engineers who are involved in ground-breaking work and are also able to engage with the public on the significance of it.

They are encouraged to submit short videos on work they have done, or are conducting, that makes an impact on society and the economy.

ATSE President Hugh Bradlow says it’s important for people working in the fields of technology and engineering to address general audiences.

“Technology and engineering make a positive impact on society and have the ability to solve real-world problems,” he says.

The videos can be submitted under two categories:

  1. Engineering success stories
    Submissions are welcome from Fellows of ATSE describing technical or engineering advances that already have demonstrated significant real-world impact
  2. High potential innovations
    This category is open to university or tertiary students and junior scientists or engineers. The video should describe important innovations that have the potential to change the world, but where it is too soon to have had demonstrated impact.

ATSE will adjudicate the Australian entries and submit the best videos for each of the two categories against those from international CAETS member academies.

“Australia’s technologists and engineers are doing incredible, innovative work, but this is sometimes poorly understood because it has not been explained in terms everyone can understand,” says Bradlow.

He says ATSE hopes the competition will encourage scientists and engineers in Australia to not only think about their innovations, but also how they are communicated.

The competition closes on Friday, May 28. More information is available here.

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