NSW residents are given the “Power to Save”

In 2017, the Energy Affordability Package was announced to save NSW households and small businesses hundreds of dollars a year off their energy bills. The package includes rebates, upgrades to appliances and equipment, access to training resources and the removal of exit fees when changing energy retailers, so consumers are free to choose the best deal.

Families will be able to slash their power bills by more than $200 a year under a NSW Government initiative, Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton and Energy and Utilities Minister Don Harwin announced today.

“This is a simple and easy program for people to reduce their energy consumption, reduce their power bills and reduce their impact on the environment,” Upton said.

The NSW Government has also launched the new Power to Save website that provides all the information on Government energy efficiency programs available to help households and small businesses.

“All you need to do is go online to the NSW Government’s new Power to Save website, where you’ll find the details of approved suppliers who have been contracted to install these discounted lights,” Harwin said.


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