Online HVAC&R resource for Southeast Queensland

A new local resource site for the Southeast Queensland HVAC&R community has been launched: the HVACR Noticeboard.

Founded by local mechanical engineer Wes Mergard, the HVACR Noticeboard has two purposes.

First, it provides a central online meeting place for Southeast Queensland to support and showcase the work of local HVAC&R industry leaders, in the forms of articles, posts, industry events, comprehensive resources and business/product listings.

“Similar to social media, you can share your advice, pose a burning industry question, upload a design or installation guide, announcement, product release or anything else the local HVAC&R industry can benefit from,” says Megard.

“Unlike social media, your content is local, curated by leaders in our industry, categorised, searchable and easy to find for years to come. We are about fostering alliances without the algorithms.”

The second purpose of HVACR Noticeboard is social impact, with 20 per cent of sales and 50 per cent of profits going directly to TIACS – a free and confidential counselling service for truckies, tradies, rural and blue-collar workers and those that care about them Australia wide.

“HVACR Noticeboard is a ‘legend of TIACS partner’ in recognition of raising funding and awareness for TIACS,” says TIACS Head of Partnerships Jason Banks. ”We are stoked that each major supporter of this social enterprise sponsors a full 45-minute counselling session through TIACS – each year.”

Every major supporter will be recognised each year with a certificate of appreciation for the social impact they have made and supporting locals through this industry initiative.

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Photo by Romain Terpreau on Unsplash

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