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Oomiak opens KL office

Australian industrial refrigeration specialist Oomiak is expanding into the Asian market.

The Adelaide-based company has opened a Malaysian office in Kuala Lumpur in response to growing demand from South East Asia.

“We’ve experienced a significant increase in demand from the Asian market for high quality industrial refrigeration systems, so opening an office in the region is a logical step forward,” says CEO Cate McGuire, Affil.AIRAH.

“The Asian market has a rapidly growing appetite for fresh fruit and vegetables, and with that comes the need to adequately cool and store produce to ensure it maintains maximum freshness for customers.

“Our leading-edge industrial refrigeration equipment and fresh produce ripening systems, as well as the expert advice we give to clients, has been extremely well received in Asia.

“We see enormous growth in the region over the next decade, so this is a really exciting move for us that is testament to the high-quality benchmarks we’ve put in place.”

Oomiak is also currently working on two major projects in Brisbane: a $10 million refrigerant replacement project for Arnott’s Biscuits, and a $1.4 million cold store project for Linfox.

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