Oventrop launches new brand identity

In response to the dynamic sanitary, heating and air-conditioning market, Oventrop has launched a new brand identity that underlines the company’s market awareness around emerging trends in digitisation and innovation.

At the heart of the new brand image is a new German-language position statement – “Wir regeln das. Seit 1851”, which translates as “We take care of it. Since 1851”.

In line with its modular product and service portfolio, Oventrip wants to position itself as a “personal, pioneering and competent problem solver for all HVAC professionals”. At the same time, the company is demonstrating its long history in building services.

The new strategic direction is expressed through the revamped corporate design, that has been rolled out on all media fronts, across their website, 2021 product catalogue, social media platforms and product design. 

Oventrop’s brand identity has also been given a home: the Oventrop brand portal. Here, all building blocks of the new brand identity, such as the logo or elements of the corporate design, are centrally bundled. The brand portal can be found at

Oventrop is a Europe-based manufacturer of valves, controls, just-in-time potable hot water and solar thermal techniques.

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