Pathway for procurement in green construction

The Australian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) has published a best practice guide for procurement to support more sustainable construction.

The Pathway to Green Construction Procurement sets out the documentation and decision-making processes required by government officials to realise green construction of government infrastructure assets. It includes the full range of environmental sustainability impact factors – energy choice, water management, biodiversity conservation and regeneration, circular economy and waste management, and decarbonisation.

“As the impacts of climate change unfold, we stand at a critical juncture for urgent action to drive emissions reductions and embed net zero targets in government procurement,” says the APCC. “While current practice seeks to avoid and minimise the environmental impacts of construction, more must be done to achieve legislated emissions targets. The Pathway intends to provide grounded and practical guidance in the present operational contexts.

“As governments and industry increase their efforts, government procurement remains one of the biggest levers for driving the required emissions reductions. The Pathway recognises and encourages innovation, and promotes opportunities to avoid and minimise environmental impacts, achieve net zero and, aspirationally, work towards net positive environmental impacts for green construction procurement.”

The guide underlines the importance of incorporating environmental criteria and specifications as early as possible in the project development process.

“These goals need to be continually translated throughout the process,” says the APCC, “setting best practice for achieving green construction procurement targets.”

The guide is available at the APCC website.

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