Refining the Clean Cooling concept

The Centre For Sustainable Cooling (CFSC) and Shecco announced the launch of their Clean Cooling project.

According to Accelerate News, which is published by Shecco, the project refines the concept of Clean Cooling, representing a holistic approach to refrigeration and air conditioning systems that incorporates the most efficient and environmentally friendly technologies while addressing the pressing societal need for cooling equipment in developing countries.

In the document outlining the project, author and CFSC co-director Toby Peters writes that Clean Cooling “provides resilient cooling for all who need it without environmental damage and climate impact.”

The document states that Clean Cooling meets cooling needs while contributing towards achieving society’s goals for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction, climate change mitigation, natural resource conservation and air quality improvement.

To help speed up the transition from traditional cooling towards clean cooling, the Centre is also developing a set of measurable standards for Clean Cooling to assess cooling innovation and projects.

The document suggests that the standards will help stakeholders to understand and quantify the true sustainability (financial, social and environmental) of cooling technology, including CO2e emissions reduction. Depending on market interest, these standards could become the basis for a formal clean cooling audit and certification program.

Read the Clean Cooling document here.

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