Rinnai unveils new NATA-accredited Yukawa Lab

Rinnai has received NATA accreditation for its new “Yukawa laboratory”, which was designed, locally built, and commissioned within the company’s Melbourne, Mills Road – MTEC manufacturing facility.

The lab is a twin-room 120kW dual chamber enthalpy test laboratory.

“It is the largest in Victoria and second largest in Australia,” says Rinnai. “This enhanced facility will help Rinnai maintain its leadership position, meet new government regulations and conduct testing internally up to very high KW ratings under NATA accreditation for our products.”

In addition, Rinnai says its attention will now turn to launching the lab as business that can provide testing services to the general market including:

  • Ducted split/packaged air conditioners for MEPS capacities, performance and seasonal star rating
  • Geo-thermal/water-cooled air conditioners/chillers
  • Heat pump water heater units for performance rating
  • Evaporative air conditioners
  • Solar collectors
  • Gas/electric hot water storage tanks for heat loss MEPS
  • Gas ducted space heaters for MEPS capacities performance.

A full list of accredited test standards is available here.

The name Yukawa is derived from Professor Hideki Yukawa, who was a Japanese theoretical physicist and the first Japanese Nobel laureate for his prediction of the pi meson or pion.

“The Yukawa lab is not only a major milestone for the Rinnai business, but also an outstanding facility for the Australian HVAC&R industry,” says Rinnai.

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