Shane Carmichael speaks on Dunnair acquisition

After the announcement that Air Change was set to acquire Dunnair, HVAC&R News spoke to Air Change general manager Shane Carmichael about the move…

What made Dunnair an attractive proposition for Air Change?

Air Change has traditionally offered unique and innovative products for niche applications. The acquisition of Dunnair provides us the opportunity to supply a much broader range of HVAC systems to better serve the needs of the industry.

How do you expect the offerings of the two companies to complement each other?

Dunnair has an established range of products, and a brand familiar to the whole of Australia. This will be bolstered with Air Change’s technical expertise and support to provide quality and reliable solutions.

There seems to be a lot of merger and acquisition activity at the moment – do you think this reflects something about the state of the industry?

I believe this kind of investment shows that our industry is in a strong position at the moment, and I predict this will continue for the foreseeable future.

Does Air Change have more plans for growth at this stage?

Air Change is constantly looking for opportunities for growth, primarily though innovation and new product design. For example, we are extremely excited about our newly released range of Precise Control Units (PCU), designed to provide accurate temperature and humidity control. We enjoy the challenge of developing the PCU and products similar to these to meet the Australian industry’s increasingly sophisticated requirements.

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