Umow Lai fully integrates into Integral Group

Umow Lai’s Melbourne practice has taken the final step in joining the Integral Group brand.

With the Sydney and Brisbane offices of Umow Lai having already been absorbed into the global operation, the rebranding of the erstwhile Victorian Umow Lai office – its national HQ – means the organisation previously known as Umow Lai will now be referred to as Integral Group.

Founded in 1991 in Melbourne by George Umow and Dominic Lai, M.AIRAH, Umow Lai grew into a multi-disciplinary building services engineering, fire engineering, ICT, and sustainability (ESD) consultancy.

“Taking this final step towards brand alignment for our Melbourne office culminates an 18-month transition where our two firms thoughtfully integrated processes, systems, and expertise so we can more fully service our clients in Australia and around the world,” says Managing Director Andrew Oxley.

“The time taken in transitioning Melbourne to the Integral brand was well spent. The increased collaboration between the Melbourne practice and the rest of the firm has already proved fruitful for everyone involved.”

The decision by Umow Lai to align with the Integral Group in 2019 was guided by three key factors: a mutual commitment to protecting the environment, growing client demand for deep green engineering and thought leadership; and close alignment of values and culture.

“The growth opportunities and global synergy we are seeing already are inspiring and encouraging,” says Integral Group CEO William Overturf.  “We have come together as a truly global team, stronger and better positioned for 2021 and beyond.

“I look forward to seeing the Melbourne practice continue to flourish as an integral part of our collective Deep Green brand.”

Integral Group was founded in 2008 by Kevin Hydes, founder of the Canada Green Building Council, and former Chair of the United States Green Building Council and World Green Building Council.

With offices in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Europe, and Australia, the firm exists as an interactive global network of design professionals collaborating under a single “deep green” engineering umbrella.

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