Vertiv acquires water-based chiller technology

Vertiv – the former Emerson Network Power business, owners of Liebert-brand chillers and provider of equipment and services for data centres – has acquired the patents and other assets of German company Efficient Energy GmbH.

Efficient Energy, the manufacturer of chillers that use water as a refrigerant, entered administration on June 2 after the collapse of talks with a potential investor. Insolvency proceedings opened on September 1 at Munich District Court after attempts to find a backer failed.

The company’s patents, which number more than 200, and rights to the technology and individual other assets, were subsequently acquired by Vertiv’s Italian subsidiary Vertiv Srl.

Dr Matthias Hofmann from law firm Pohlmann Hofmann was appointed as the provisional insolvency administrator to find a suitable investor. Ultimately, however, the company was unable to be saved.

Former Efficient Energy managing director Georg Dietrich says the technology that Efficient Energy developed with great effort over the past few years will be used by the Italian Vertiv Srl.

“We firmly believe that this technology has a long future ahead of it,” he says.

With more than 90 per cent of chillers continuing to rely on synthetic gases, Efficient Energy’s eChillers water-based chillers have attracted industry interest.

Dietrich says the acquisition by Vertiv ensures the future of this groundbreaking technology.

“The technology is key for transitioning to clean cooling and heating. As the world’s most efficient refrigerant and entirely safe and eco-friendly, water underscores Efficient Energy’s commitment to sustainability,” he says.

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