AC in your pocket

A Sony-affiliated startup has announced the Reon Pocket, a small Bluetooth device that can fit into a pocket and will cool and heat the wearer.

Other companies and research teams are working on bringing heating and cooling to a wearable level, but the Reon Pocket looks like the first such product that could break into the mass market.

The start-up company raised funds for the new product through a crowdfunding campaign. It started on July 22 with a goal of around AU$925,000, and exceeded the target in just one week.

The Reon Pocket is designed to be worn with a silicon-material shirt that has a special back pocket to hold the device. It is controlled by an app on a mobile phone, and can cool down a wearer by 13°C or heat them up by 8°C. It uses the Peltier effect to transfer heat.

Watch the video:


The official launch of the Reon Pocket is scheduled for March 2020, and at this stage will only be available in Japan. It is expected to cost approximately AU$200.



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