AFPRO delivers HQ85 A+ bag filter

The HQ85 A+ bag filter from AFPRO Filters is designed for use in air treatment cabinets, air conditioning systems, public areas, and as a pre-filter in cleanrooms and the pharmaceuticals industry.

Made from both polymer and glass fibres, the unit’s medium structure are assembled in a galvanised steel or aluminium frame.

“Although these filters will initially be more expensive to purchase they will be cheaper in the long run,” says AFPRO Filters.

“A dirty air filter causes your heating and cooling system to run longer in order to keep the temperature constant.”

According to AFPRO Filters, the main benefits include the effective filtration of fine dust particles (PM1), energy efficiency due to low air resistance filter media with a durable pre-layer, Eurovent-guaranteed performance, longer use time, fewer filter changes per year, and less labour expenses.

“The Department of Energy (DOE) has estimated that a clogged air filter causes the heating and cooling system to use 15 per cent more energy than when the air filter was new.”

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