Airtek announces CO ventilation system

Airtek has announced the release of its CO ventilation product. The company specialises in building automation systems and control systems, using BACnet protocol that is BTL tested and approved.

Airtek says the challenge was to produce an uncomplicated solution that would still be informative and cost effective.

“The introduction of a multi-page, colour touch screen with visual indication and control settings made it possible,” the company says.

The system has been designed to offer contractors a CO control and monitoring system that can be installed, commissioned and serviced at an affordable price.

The controller can be expanded to 32 CO sensors and is BMS friendly (BACnet MSTP standard).

There are PCB mount “onboard” monitored override (A-O-M) switches, including 0-10vdc outputs (A-M with adjustable pot) to aid commissioning, service and testing.

The touch screen can be controller mounted or remote mounted up to 1,200m away.

The smart controller can be selected for either of two modes. For peak periods, the user can select the required minimum speed and for how long on a daily basis for predicted high-volume traffic. For purge periods, the user can set the daily cycle time, required run time per day and minimum fan speed to achieve the minimum number of air changes per day to meet Australian standards.

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