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ARC’s free tool for trainees

The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) is offering a free digital temperature sensor to trainee licence holders undertaking the first year of a refrigeration and air conditioning apprenticeship.

The initiative is aimed at supporting the training and development of future HVAC&R technicians.

Kevin O’Shea, chair of the ARC RAC Industry Board, said that the idea was to give first-year apprentices a tool that was not only practical in their day-to-day work, but also acted as a reminder about the importance of climate control and the environment.

“Maintaining the right temperature is critical to our industry. Temperature is also a factor in system diagnostics and can help to determine refrigerant leaks and other faults,” he said.

“The ARC licence scheme promotes high quality work through a skills-based licence,” he added. “It also encourages professionalism through properly equipped and staffed businesses and promotes an awareness of the environment. Providing licensed trainee holders with digital temperature sensors makes a lot of sense and will hopefully contribute to producing high-quality RAC professionals of the future.”

The ARC digital temperature sensors will be available on request from July/August 2018, while stocks last. Simply email

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